A Little Bit of Indie Game Dev Philosophy
Sunday, November 8, 2015
By: Matthew Doucette

Some thoughts from a fellow indie game designer struck a chord with me:

"I feel like many mainstream games sort of hold your hand through the gameplay a lot, in order to cater to a wider audience. Indie games are really awesome for that reason among several others - we're allowed to be totally unapologetic because we don't have investors to answer to. We enjoy making challenging games because we're hardcore gamers ourselves =) Personally, I'm a big fan of games that are WAY beyond my skill level - it's so rewarding when I finally defeat them." - Cassie Chui (reddit; twitter)

Source: https://ma.reddit.com/r/Gaming4Gamers/comments/1mijmj/electronic_super_joy_devs_ama/

P.S. Cassie Chui is a level designer on Electronic Super Joy, a game by Michael Todd -- who happens to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada now, very close to Xona Games!

I relate to her thoughts, very much so. It is exactly how I feel. It reminds my of thoughts I expressed in my Death in Video Games article as well as in my interviewed on monetization practices.

And now, this marks the third time I am blogging the following Jonathan Blow interview, relating to all of the aforementioned ideas:

Jonathan Blow: How Mainstream Devs Are Getting It Wrong

That is all.



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