Infinite Ammo


Infinite Ammo is an arcade-style retro FPS, single-player campaign, with focus on scoring! Intended platform release is PC/Steam. It is our first FPS (First Person Shooter) and our Global Game Jam 2017 entry.




Here is a glimpse of the game as it existed at the end of the game jam:

Infinite Ammo, an arcade-style FPS by Xona Games.

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  • Contra (NES)
  • Super-C (NES)
  • Raiden (Arcade)
  • Raiden II (Arcade)
  • Thunder Force 2 (Genesis)
  • Doom (PC)
  • Doom 2 (PC)
  • Unreal Tournament (1999) (PC)
  • Serious Sam (PC)
  • Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (PC)
  • coin-op arcades of the 80's
  • our own "Xona style" games (intense retro)

Specifically, the game will have Contra and Super-C style action, with infinite ammo and one-gun-at-a-time action. You can only hold one weapon, and you lose your weapon upon switch, just like Contra and Super-C. The gameplay will be fast arcade-style action found in Doom and Doom 2, which Serious Sam somewhat bled off of. The levels will be designed as large arena-style areas, inspired by scenarios in the Serious Sam and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. The weapons will each shoot plasma-like projectiles in various forms. Already envisioned is a 3D spread shot (that Jason invented in his Space Harrier Clone), a 3D hunter (inspired by Thunder Force 2), and more... The ultimate objective is to have 100% non-stop arcade-style action.



We wish to explore bullet hell game mechanics in an FPS setting. The closest example of this style of gameplay I can think of is the attack of many imps in the original Doom. Imagine a game focused on this style of attack, and this is (somewhat) our objective.

The ultimate objective is to have 100% non-stop arcade-style action.



Infinite Ammo is one of our many game prototypes. It was prototyped at Global Game Jam 2017, beginning on January 20th, 2017. The game jam theme was, "waves". The idea in our game was to have waves of enemies ("wave 1", "wave 2", etc.) that attack within an arena-style setting.


Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Wayne Muise of MudMonger Games, a good friend of ours, for much help in learning Unity as well as modelling the main weapon (designed to change color and act as multiple weapons) and the laser blast. Also thanks to a new indie game start up, Cuirass Entertainment (website coming soon), for much help in Unity.



Music by Christopher Getman (web, twitter), remix of the "Into Sandy's City" theme from Doom 2 by Bobby Prince. Download:

The official music will have a Doom (1993) and Doom II feel:

  • demonic, spiritual, eerie, scary, dungeony.
  • exciting, up-beat, fast-paced, hyped.
  • with chill breaks:
    • similar to Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved has a long song that starts hyped and then chills and then comes back, over time.
    • also similar to our Decimation X and Decimaton X3 soundtracks, not in the techno sense though.


Alternate Names:

Potential alternate names include Evil Wind and Mazuku (which means "evil wind" in Swahili). The idea being the enemies in the game will swarm so much as to emulate a "wind", an overwhelming "evil wind" of death, similar to a Mazuku (wiki).

Another potential alternate name, suggested by Wayne Muise (mentioned above), is Gung-ung Un-gun.


That is all.


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