Jason Doucette

Jason Doucette at Xona Games offices. (Matt in the background.)

Name: Jason Doucette
Position: Lead Programmer
Personal Homepage: www.jasondoucette.com
Social Networks:       
Xbox LIVE: HugeJuge: Xbox LIVE, TrueAchievements
PSN: JasonDoucette: PSN, PSN Profiles, TrueTrophies
Steam: JDoucette: Steam
Skype: JADoucette
Cars: Saturn Sky Redline, Dodge Viper SRT-10
Rubik's Cube: 14.81s
Chess: Chess Tempo: 2005 (peak), 1856 (peak active)


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Jason Doucette's pre-Xona Games Projects:

All these are hosted on jasondoucette.com:


Jason Doucette's Articles:

2016/Sep/12 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (Gen-4)
2012/Aug/31 2008 Saturn Sky Redline
2010/Dec/08 xWMA with XACT in XNA Game Studio 3.1
2010/Nov/05 Windows Phone 7 Emulator & Fraps Color Problem
2007/Feb/11 Editing Google Toolbar Dictionary
2006/Dec/12 Tweak UI Bug
2006/Jul/29 Turbo Pascal's 64-bit comp Type
2006/Jul/27 How do Variable Argument List Functions Work?
2006/Jul/26 Smallest Positive Floating Point Values
2006/Jul/11 Blue Colored Filenames
2006/Jun/14 Easily Avoid Large C++ Class Copies
2005/Aug/02 Visual Studio .NET Keyboard Shortcuts Macro
2004/Oct/20 Create an MP3 Alarm Clock
2004/Jul/27 Minesweeper and Random Number Generation
2004/Jul/18 Customize Your Windows Explorer Shortcut
2004/Jul/16 Proper Way to Recreate My Computer Desktop Icon
2004/Jul/16 How Connected Files are Made, and their Problems
2004/Jul/01 Programming Windows, 5th Edition - Errata Addendum
2004/Jun/29 Visual C++ .NET Standard Edition - Free Optimizing Compiler


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