Game Dev Resources

Resources for upcoming game developers. Physical events relating to Nova Scotia, Canada. (Link to




C# / XNA / MonoGame:

*Authored by one of our friends, James Silva of Ska Studios.


C# / Unity:


Game Design / Level Design:

*Credit: Noah Levering


User Interface Design:

There are additional Unity Tutorials on UI. Click in and filter the "topic" by "user interface".


Game Development:

From "Video_game_development" Wikipedia article.


Social /  Networking: 

Meet Ups:

Game Jams:




Social Anxiety: 

 *Credit: Sam Robichaud



Matthew Doucette has taught video game development in various partnerships:

We are connected with many game development students globally and locally, and these are resources that we found helpful for all of them.

Let us know if you have any links to add.


That is all.