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Motivational Articles
2018/Aug/08 — Matthew Doucette
Motivational readings for the sake of getting motivated.

Practicing Self-Care as an Entrepreneur
2016/Jul/21 — Matthew Doucette
Futurpreneur features Matthew Doucette and other entrepreneurs in their celebration of International Self-Care Day.

Ego is the Enemy
2016/Jul/06 — Matthew Doucette
Sharing Ryan Holiday's thoughts on, "ego is the enemy".

Elevator Dangers and Leaky Abstractions
2013/Nov/13 — Matthew Doucette
A somewhat scary subject about the dangers of elevators and how it relates to leaky abstractions.

Take Risks
2013/Aug/27 — Matthew Doucette
Some thoughts on why you should take risks.

To Do List Template For Everyone
2013/Feb/21 — Matthew Doucette
A "to do list" template for everyone.

Aaron Swartz
2013/Jan/27 — Matthew Doucette
Aaron Swartz rant by The Amazing Atheist.

Honoring Seumas McNally
2013/Jan/12 — Matthew Doucette
Just a blog post honoring Seumas McNally and respecting IGF for doing the same.

Get Rich Books and Greed
2007/Jan/21 — Matthew Doucette
Thoughts on "get rich" books and their relationship with greed.

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