#1 and #2 in SHMUP Contest!

Sunday, March 25, 2012
By: Matthew Doucette

Gaming Inferno held a SHMUP contest, where we placed 1st and 2nd!

OtakuDante of Gaming Inferno held a SHMUP contest with Sine Mora (XBLA version) as the prize*. Jason and I took the top two spots!


Here were the rules:

"...email me a photo/screen shot of your highest leaderboard score in a shmup video game. It can be from any console, handheld gaming device, or PC/MAC." - Sine Mora (XBLA): "Code Contest FTW!!!

Very cool that OtakuDante also suggested a few of our games:

"If you don't have a shmup that you can play the XBLIG marketplace has some cheap $1 (80 msp) shmups that are really good (Decimation X3, Score Rush, Shoot 1UP, Game Type ...). [...] I wish you all good luck, and may the best shmup player win!!!" - Sine Mora (XBLA): "Code Contest FTW!!!

Here are the results:


@mdoucette (Xona Games)
Game: Score Rush (XBLIG)
Score: (Individual) 815,631,808
(Team) 1,464,471,395


Game: Score Rush (Turbulenz)
Score: 1,419,783,558

What's funny is we won this contest playing our own game, Score Rush, each of us playing a different version. I played our Xbox LIVE Indie Games (XBLIG) version ($1) and Jason played our HTML5 (Turbulenz) version (which you can play in the browser for free). I obtained my score playing and beating Score Rush in the 4th (of 6) difficulty modes, CRAZY. Jason played in the 5th (of 6) difficulty modes, INSANE. The sixth game mode is GODLIKE. Note that Jason's high score does not show up in the current leaderboards as they were wiped when it was officially released later on.



I want to make a shoutout to Andrew Stahl for scoring over 50,000,000 pts in Raiden Fighters Jet, as it is very hard to do so. I have personally scored 48,000,000+ but could not break 50,000,000, so I know how hard this is.


*Sine Mora (XBLA) has a $17.40 CAD value.



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