Matthew Doucette Wins Raiden Fighters Jet Tournament

Saturday, February 15, 2014
By: Matthew Doucette

Halifax Scramble held a Raiden Fighters Jet Score Attack tournament .

I won Halifax Scramble's Raiden Fighters Jet Score Attack Tournament with a score of 46,464,362 points!


Winning Score Replay:

The replay:
Raiden Fighters Jet - Score Attack - MJD* - 46,464,362 points
*MJD = Matthew Joseph DoucetteXonatron

At the time, this was the highest I had ever scored. I went in with a previous top score of 40M beforehand. Every player had three attempts. I scored 46M the first try. My other two attempts were 20M and 24M. I ended up besting my score the next day with a 47M point run.



Here's the prizes:

Matthew Doucette awarded shmup prizes for winning the Raiden Fighters Jet tournament!

The prizes include:

The PC shmups were gifted by the gracious and talented Rockin' Android development team!

*Approximate value of $49.99, $39.99, $19.99, $93.95 and respectively. $203.92 in total.


Xbox 360 Leaderboards (2014-FEB-16):

Amazingly, four of the top seven players on the Xbox LIVE leaderboards are from Nova Scotia, Canada:

All of us but Johnny Jerkweed attended the Halifax Scramble, and Johnny Jerkweed almost made it himself. He is an amazing player who could have beat us all.

Here are the leaderboards the day after the event, Febrary 16th, 2014:

Raiden Fighters Jet - Score Attack - Leaderboards (2014-FEB-16).
Serraxor, Codemakura, Xonatron, and Johnny Jerkweed all from Nova Scotia, Canada.

2014-FEB-22 Update:

Just a few days after the tournament, PoochyEXE's score drops off the list for being a year old, and we all bump up a notch! I'm #4! Quite a lame victory however, as I wish they would maintain the scores forever.

Raiden Fighters Jet - Score Attack - Leaderboards (2014-FEB-22).
Serraxor, Codemakura, Xonatron, and Johnny Jerkweed all from Nova Scotia, Canada.


2014-MAR-15 UPDATE:

Here's a video re-cap of the event. Fast foward to 3:55 to see my awards and a peek at the super cute Tenasitee who placed in our Score Rush and Decimation X3 tournaments on the same day!

Video re-cap of Halifax Scramble.


Special Thanks:

Thanks to The Last Gamestore for holding the event and recording it on their Twitch account.

Thanks to Rockin' Android for donating many, many shmup games.

Thanks to Serraxor of Press Pause Radio / Bullet Heaven HD for the Raiden Fighters Jet tournament and prizes and setting up the entire Halifax Scramble event. View all of the Bullet Heaven HD shmup reviews in The Official Bullet Heaven HD Episode Thread. He even reviewed Score Rush and Decimation X3 here:

Bullet Heaven HD reviews Score Rush and Decimation X3.


More about Raiden Fighters Jet:

We played Raiden Fighters Jet using the Raiden Fighters Aces Xbox 360 compilation. It contains the entire Raiden Fighters series: Raiden Fighters (1996), Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive (1997), and Raiden Fighters Jet (1998). As you may know, these were a spin off of the original Raiden series.

The timeline looks like this:

The titles listed above that are not bolded are spinoffs. The only original Raiden series release without a number is Raiden DX, not including the first title which could be called "Raiden I".

Viper Phase 1 is the only game I have yet to play. It is commonly known as "Raiden in Space".

I am still looking to beat the Score 100,000,000 achievement in Raiden Fighters Aces. It can be easiest done in the normal mode in Raiden Fighters Jet. Only 23 out of 2,748 tracked gamers on TrueAchievements have unlocked it! Unlocking the Score 50,000,000 achievement (only 79 out of 2,748 gamers have unlocked it) is currently my hardest won achievement (sort by "RATIO") according to TrueAchievements:

My top 10 Xbox LIVE achievements (sort by "RATIO") according to TrueAchievements.
Only 2.87% of gamers who played Raiden Fighters Aces have scored 50M points.

That is all!

P.S. We also held Score Rush and Decimation X3 tournaments at the same event!



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