Score Rush Extended: Perfect 100% Review at Bullet Heaven EX

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
By: Matthew Doucette

Score Rush Extended just received a perfect 100% review score -- on all accounts -- from Bullet Heaven EX!

Bullet Heaven EX - Score Rush Extended [PS4] review.

Bullet Heaven EX - Score Rush Extended [PS4] review.

But, there's more.

What is amazing about this review is the depth and knowledge the reviewer has of the game. Ser Flash understands the game and its details more than any other review I have seen. Including playing and reviewing the original Xbox 360 version, Ser Flash also fully appreciates our always fully visible hitbox, power-up mechanics (bullet clears that occur after fully powered-up), and even our history with Duality ZF. No other reviewer has ever mentioned our boss arrival sound effects. Very well done.


That is all!



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