TI Invaders (TI-99/4A)

Monday, June 3, 2013
By: Matthew Doucette

TI Invaders, a TI-99/4A game, was the inspiration behind our Decimation X games. A few on the internet have noticed the similarities between the two, particularly the "nail" enemies.

A cool fact about TI Invaders is that Jason and I both reached level 14 with two rows of the second, blue, "Flashers".  We never were able to reach level 15 with the once rumored (since proven) third wave of, orange, "Flashers".  Incidentally, from level 7 on, there is always at least one row that contains "Flashers".  We were also able to get the mid-level saucer value up to at least 250.

Matthew scoring 25,501 points in TI Invaders, reaching level 14.

The video above is me scoring 25,501 points, not 22,501 points as I originally posted, and reaching level 14 in TI Invaders, on May 7th, 2006 via an emulator.

Be sure to check out TI Invaders on VideoGameHouse for more details on the game.


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