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Decimation X2
(Windows Phone 7)

(For Xbox LIVE Indie Games original, visit Decimation X. For Xbox LIVE Indie Games sequel, visit Decimation X3. For Windows PC sequel, visit Decimation X3.5.)

Download: Decimation X2 (Windows Phone Marketplace; $1)

Description:  Decimation X2 (decimationx.com) is a nostalgic mobile shmup. It’s a sequel to the #1 XBLIG in Japan, Decimation X. Decimation X2 features improvements in intensity, visual effects, and gameplay. Official site: decimationx.com. Released: October 28th, 2010. Music by Imphenzia.

Awards: $1,000 WP7COMP award winner, Xbox LIVE Indie Game of the Week, and Windows Phone 7 launch title via Microsoft invitation.



Decimation X2 Trailer
(Windows Phone 7)


Screenshots (2010-Oct):

In development screenshots:

Decimation X2 - level 11

Decimation X2 - Level 14

Decimation X2 - Level 27

Decimation X2 - Level 31

Decimation X2 - Level 40



This looks AWESOME.

Time to get a Windows Phone 7

Decimation X2 looks sweet

For PHONES! Aw, HELL NO. Those of us who can't afford or don't need cell phones are gonna be so deprived. :(

Just played some Decimation X2 on my new WP7. I had no idea such particle effects were possible on the phone. I'm quite impressed.

I recommend anyone with a WP7 pick up Cascade and Decimation X2. They're both fantastic games.

Decimation X2 on wp7 is totally awesome! I'm completely addicted to it.

For the record, these testimonials are from youtube.com and twitter.


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