Kids Make Games (Brilliant Labs)

Brilliant Labs and Xona Games have teamed up
to teach game development in our schools!

(Also see our Learning Center collection.)

Kids Make Games is a collaborative project between Xona Games and Brilliant Labs, that teaches game development directly in our Nova Scotia, Canada schools as a part of the curriculum! We teach the same technology that we use to develop our Xbox and PlayStation games. Theoretically, any of these games projects could be continued and published to all of the top tier platforms around the world.


Kids Make Games playlist. Enjoy!


Games Developed:

  • Color Crush - Meadowfields Community School - Grade 3 Class (game design)
  • Scaredy Ship - Drumlin Heights Consolidated School - Grade 11 Student (game coding, design, art, music)


Game Tutorials Developed:


Kids Make Games Articles:

Unity Game Development Tutorial
2016/Jun/06 — Matthew Doucette
Unity game development tutorial, by Dylan Gidney for Xona Games for our Kids Make Games project.

Kids Make Games: Scaredy Ship Released
2016/Jun/05 — Matthew Doucette
Scaredy Ship is officially completed and released. It is another game produced in our Kids Make Games project!

Kids Make Games: Color Crush Released
2016/Jun/04 — Matthew Doucette
Color Crush is officially completed and released. It is one of a few games produced in our Kids Make Games project we work on with Brilliant Labs.

Kids Make Games: Scaredy Ship: Sub-Frames
2016/May/13 — Matthew Doucette
Interesting technicality came up -- sub-frames -- in the development of Scaredy Ship, a game being developed in our Kids Make Games project.

Kids Make Games: Scaredy Ship: Collisions and Score
2016/May/06 — Matthew Doucette
More progress on Scaredy Ship, a game being developed in our Nova Scotian, a Kids Make Games project.

Kids Make Games: Introducing Scaredy Ship
2016/Apr/29 — Matthew Doucette
Another game being created directly in our Nova Scotian schools, thanks to Kids Make Games!

Kids Make Games: Meadowfields Beta Testing
2016/Apr/28 — Matthew Doucette
A grade 3 class beta-testing their own game design, all performed in school!

Introducing Xona Learn
2016/Mar/17 — Matthew Doucette
Some background that lead to our Knowledge Base Learning Center.

2D Game Development Tutorial - C#/XNA (PC/X360/PS4/XB1)
2016/Mar/17 — Matthew Doucette
A quick tutorial to start game design -- using the same technologies that Xona Games uses.

Kids Make Games: First Game Announced
2016/Jan/29 — Matthew Doucette
Announcing the first game to be developed in Kids Make Games!

Introducing Kids Make Games
2016/Jan/25 — Matthew Doucette
Brilliant Labs and Xona Games are teaching game development in Nova Scotia schools!


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