Duality ZF Official Site Launches

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
By: Matthew Doucette

Introducing our dualityzf.com teaser site.

Introducing our new teaser site, dualityzf.com.  It's the new official site to Duality ZF, our upcoming Xbox 360 2D shooter video game.  The site is merely a teaser, with a few trailers, that enters into the Duality ZF page on xona.com (xona.com/dualityzf).

The idea is, surfers from outside of xona.com will be sent to dualityzf.com, and surfers already visiting xona.com will be sent to xona.com/dualityzf.  Eventually, everyone will hit xona.com if they dig deep enough.  And eventually, dualityzf.com and all our future gaming sites will contain more "gaming info" where xona.com will contain more "developer info". Let us know what you think.

Our xona.com site you are reading right now lacks the feel that video game development companies have.  It has a tech article based website and design because that's where the majority of our traffic comes from.  So, we will give our games their own "gaming feel" via their own websites separate from xona.com.  As we branch out and make more products and services, we are finding our works deserve their own web presence.  (Our Domain Hacks search probably should have been hosted on domainhacks.com all this time.)

We may have issues with our YouTube trailers playing in HD by default.  Click the main Duality ZF logo on dualityzf.com and see if the trailer plays smoothly for you.  You may have to disable HD (by clicking on it) to watch it, which is not what we want.  Let us know!


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