Xona.com's Top 10 Articles of 2008

Sunday, April 5, 2009
By: Matthew Doucette

Statistics are always fun.  Here's our 2008 stats, plus the top 10 most visited articles in that time frame:

Xona.com 2008 stats by day

Xona.com 2008 stats by week

Xona.com 2008 stats by month


The Top 10:

  1. What is "wuauclt.exe" and "wuaudt.exe"? (xona.com/2004/08/26.html)
  2. How to Delete Undeletable Files or Folders (xona.com/2004/08/19.html)
  3. Domain Hacks (xona.com/domainhacks)
  4. Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena (xona.com/opticalillusions)
  5. Visual C++ .NET Standard Edition - Free Optimizing Compiler (xona.com/2004/06/29.html)
  6. Xona.com (xona.com)
  7. SpinRite 6.0 - HD Maintenance, Recovery, and Repair Software (xona.com/2004/06/07.html)
  8. Domain Hacks Suggest (xona.com/domainhacks/suggest)
  9. Windows XP Setup Tweaks & Tips (xona.com/2004/05/22.html)
  10. Inspirational Quotes (xona.com/quotes/inspirational.html)

Domain Hacks is our domain hack search utility.  We coined the term "domain hack" in late 2004 when we introduced our domain hack search.  Read Domain Hacks & Email Hacks for more information.

The Xona.com listing is, of course, our main page.

Windows XP Setup Tweaks & Tips was our first article.  It was written in early 2004.



  1. Proper Way to Recreate My Computer Desktop Icon (xona.com/2004/07/16-2.html)
  2. Education Quotes (xona.com/quotes/education.html)
  3. Financial Quotes (xona.com/quotes/financial.html)
  4. Domain Hacks & Email Hacks (xona.com/2004/11/03.html)
  5. Run Tasks in Low Priority (xona.com/2004/07/22.html)
  6. How To Upgrade phpBB (xona.com/2006/04/24.html)
  7. Reset Windows XP's Default Desktop Color (xona.com/2006/07/22.html)
  8. Uninstall 180 Search Assistant (xona.com/2004/07/18-2.html)
  9. WinRAR Tip #7: Batch File Backups (xona.com/2006/07/05g.html)
  10. Rare Parsec Facts (The TI-99/4A Video Game) (xona.com/ti994a/parsec.html)

I wonder if the financial quotes were mostly miss-hits.  As of the time of this writing, we are #1 in google.ca and #2 in google.com for "financial quotes":

  1. google.ca/search?q=financial+quotes
  2. google.com/search?q=financial+quotes

It should be noted that Uninstall 180 Search Assistant is surely outdated by now.

WinRAR Tip #7: Batch File Backups is just one of many WinRAR Tips.  It is an excellent backup and storage tip, which shows how to create time-stamped RAR file backups that do not overwrite previous backups.

Does anyone remember Parsec or the TI-99/4A?  It is one of our favorite games of all time, on our very first computer.



  1. Uninstall Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) (xona.com/2005/03/16.html)
  2. IE7: Disable Language Bar (xona.com/2007/01/24.html)
  3. Blue Colored Filenames (xona.com/2006/07/11.html)
  4. Quiet Your Hard Drive / Case Vibration Noise (xona.com/2006/08/02.html)
  5. Intelligence Quotes (xona.com/quotes/intelligence.html)
  6. Domain Hacks Suggest Top-Level Domains Used (xona.com/domainhacks/suggest/tld.html)
  7. Customize Your Windows Explorer Shortcut (xona.com/2004/07/18.html)
  8. The TI-99/4A Home Computer (xona.com/ti994a)
  9. WinRAR Tip #3: Delete Multiple Files out of Multiple RAR Files (xona.com/2006/07/05c.html)
  10. Domain Hacks Information (xona.com/domainhacks/info.html)

We use to own ti994a.com, but gave it away before making use of it.  It looks like it is up for sale now.  I won't link to it as who knows where it will link to tomorrow.



  1. How do Variable Argument List Functions Work? (xona.com/2006/07/27.html)
  2. ZoomView (xona.com/zoomview/)
  3. WinRAR Tip #5:  Run with Multi-Threading (xona.com/2006/07/05e.html)
  4. Wallpapers (xona.com/wallpapers/)
  5. Visual Studio .NET Keyboard Shortcuts Macro (xona.com/2005/08/02.html)
  6. Scientific Quotes (xona.com/quotes/scientific.html)
  7. Minesweeper and Random Number Generation (xona.com/2004/07/27-2.html)
  8. Smallest Positive Floating Point Values (xona.com/2006/07/26.html)
  9. Turbo Pascal's 64-bit comp Type (xona.com/2006/07/29.html)
  10. Chess Quotes (xona.com/quotes/chess.html)

If you haven't heard of our Windows ZoomView app, check it out.  Great for graphics designers and programmers.

Our wallpapers section is quite lacking, but look soon for Duality: ZF walllpapers.  Many wallpapers we had originally appeared on matthewdoucette.com, which now links to xona.com, and were removed due to excessive hotlinking.  It is too bad we had to reject a lot of visitors due to this abuse.  jasondoucette.com still has additional wallpapers.

#37, #38, and #39 are all very cool computer math articles by Jason.



  1. Action Quotes (xona.com/quotes/action.html)
  2. Hectomillionaire vs. Centimillionaire (xona.com/2006/12/17.html)
  3. Personal Quotes (xona.com/quotes/personal.html)
  4. Anti-Aliased Text: Better or Worse? (xona.com/2004/08/03-2.html)
  5. Quotes (xona.com/quotes)
  6. Monopoly National Championship Quiz Answers (xona.com/2004/07/23.html)
  7. Programming Quotes (xona.com/quotes/programming.html)
  8. Anti-Spyware Software Suggestions (xona.com/2006/06/21.html)
  9. Negative Quotes (xona.com/quotes/negative.html)
  10. Duality ZF (xona.com/dualityzf)

Do you know what a Hectomillionaire is?  As of the time of this writing, we are #1 and #2 in google.ca and google.com for "hectomillionaire":

  1. google.ca/search?q=hectomillionaire
  2. google.com/search?q=hectomillionaire

Who doesn't love Monopoly?

Duality ZF, our upcoming Xbox 360 game, finally makes it on the list at #50.  Hopefully year 2009 will bump it to the top.  It will be released later this month (April 2009).


Our Preferred Top Articles:

Thought you might find it interesting to see our preferred top articles:

Duality ZF is number one, as it's our current project; We are very excited about it!  Also, note that some of these articles barely existed throughout the 2008 year.


That is all.



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