Friday, January 28, 2022
By: Matthew Doucette

HiKōri 火氷 (FireIce) is my Global Game Jam 2022 entry .

Global Game Jam 2022 entry/prototype.

2022-JAN-30 UPDATE: Screenshots:

Screenshots from my presentation/entry build:

Hidden player fireball among ice crystal enemies.

Player fireball shooting fireball elements at ice crystal snake.

Player fireball demonstrating shots rebound off wall boundaries.

More action.

Lots of player firepower.

Global Game Jam 2022:

We joined the Jalloo Miramichi Global Game Jam 2022 site, which officially ran from January 28 - 30, 2022. I am creating HiKori. Jason is creating another game / game engine (TBA).


Naming Convention: What Does HiKōri 火氷 Mean?

HiKori means fire and ice.

HiKori in my game is a play on oppositional duality.

I constructed the name by taking English words (fire and ice), translating them into Japanese (火 and 氷), and ues the closest English pronunciationto the Japanese translation (Hi and Kōri).

Credit: The technique of using the closest English pronunciation was something one of our friendsMyke Wills, discovered while we were brainstorm what to call Kakeru (from "multiply"). We were in the midst of using an "English-to-Japanese-to-English" translation technique that I had discovered, but it was failing to produce anyting valuable. P.S. We were on our way to Global Game Jam 2020!

My idea is to stylize Hi / 火 as bright orange fire and Kōri / 氷 as blue ice, in the logo.


"Duality" Theme:

Global Game Jam 2022 theme is "duality."

Duality features:


Additional Features:




What About Duality ZF?

Wait! We have already developed a duality-themed game, Duality ZF! So, we wanted to make sure a new duality-themed game did not step on the toes of our previous work. Someday, Duality ZF or one of its kind may see a release. Plus, it is not in good faith to use pre-exiting game development work in a game jam.

Specifically, to respect Duality ZF, HiKori will not make use of dual play. It may have a duality weapon -- a weapon with dual properties -- but it will be different than the duality firing style of the spread/laser duality in Duality ZF.



Only a littlle bit of inspiration comes from Ikaruga. However, I wish for HiKori to be less puzzle focused. I am not yet sure if there will be the ability for you to transition from one element to another (alike the polarity switching in Ikaruga). For the time being, I do not have a sense for invulnerability at all in the game. The idea is still a 1-hit kill for player ships, even thought enemies get hurt faster when using oppositional elements. Maybe this makes no sense. We'll see.


More to come...



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