Raccontra is a game prototype, and the result of our participation in the Halifax Game Jam 2011, which won "Best in Destructable Terrain". The game jam theme was "Cartoon Demolition Animals". "Raccontra" is a portmanteau of "raccoon" and "Contra". It is pronounced "ra-contra". Read more about it in our Halifax Game Jam 2011 Wrap Up.

Raccontra... Racoon + Contra.

Is that the spreader weapon? Aw yeah.

An enemy!

8-way fire and destructible terrain.

Even has lava.

We, Xona Games, have taken our work out of the game (or, rather, removed everything that was not ours) and continued to prototype it. This new prototype has not been released, but could become a game from Xona Games in the future. I have written up some thoughts in our Halifax Game Jam 2011 Wrap Up about continuing to work on a prototype developed at a game jam, where there are others involved, and the complications therein. No sense repeating it in whole here, but basically the conclusion was that a game jam is a public forum and the ideas are out in public and anyone can use them. For better or for worse. Ultimately, we as a company, cannot be held back from developing a game idea we invest ourselves in, no matter who else is involved in it. We will be sure to make this more clear in all future game jams. We believe the Raccontra idea has potential. It is similar to ideas we have had long coming. Hopefully we'll get a chance to demonstrate it to you all.



Raccontra (Rac-contra) was originally named Raccoontra (Raccoon-tra), but we renamed it to avoid the pronounciation Rac-coontra and a potential nickname therein. I am not sure if the rename was performed during the game jam or just after it.


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