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Decimation X
(Xbox LIVE Indie Games)

(For Windows Phone 7 sequel, visit Decimation X2. For Xbox LIVE Indie Games sequel, visit Decimation X3. For Windows PC sequel, visit Decimation X3.5.)

Download: Decimation X (Xbox LIVE; 80 MSP)

Description: Decimation X (decimationx.com) is a 4 player intense retro shmup. Classic 2D fixed gallery shooter. Features: Insane firepower, progressive defences, tons of power-ups. Smooth 60 frames per second, pure arcade action. Music by Imphenzia. Released: January 16th, 2010.

Awards: #1 Xbox LIVE Indie Game in Japan, featured in  Fatmitsu the #1 gaming magazine in Japan, top pick by IGN, top review (9.5/10 AVG) and more.



Decimation X Teaser.


Everything about Decimation X screams arcade cabinet fun as you see all the retro colored aliens and the colorful display of explosions. - xblaratings.com

Decimation X is a perfect example of pick up and play arcade mayhem. - xblaratings.com

Decimation X has to be one of the most fun retro take backs on the Indie marketplace. For only 80 Msp, I dare say everyone who has ever played and enjoyed a 2D shooter will have a blast quite literally as well. You cannot go wrong with this fantastic take on Space Invaders. - xblaratings.com

"This is THE best shooter in the indie games section of it’s type right now and is definitely worth a buy whether you’re into these or not." - Wasted Seconds


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