Munch Man - TI-99/4A
Monday, June 3, 2013
By: Matthew Doucette

Munch Man, for the TI-99/4A, one of our early favorite video games.

Munch Man title screen.

Here's the Munch Man cheat code: You can warp to any level in Munchman if you enter the sequence "*", "#", then "*" at the title screen.  Just hold down SHIFT and type "838" really quick.  It asks you for "RND(0-2)", "SCN(0-19)", and "MM(1-9)", which stands for the round, the screen, and the number of munchmen.  There are 20 levels (20 screens) that repeat three times (3 rounds), for a total of 60 levels.  

More screenshots:


Munch Man first level.

Munch Man level select screen (via cheat code).

Munch Man last level (#60) .

Munch Man video (not our own):

Munch Man gameplay.

So, is it Munch Man or Munchman? I'm not sure! Check out the cover art and the manual, which both spell Munch Man / Munchman differently!

Munch Man (or Munchman?) cover art.

Munch Man manual.

Munch Man's box art has a style we hope to revisit with some of our games and a style which as already influence our Decimation X3 box art.

Also, please check out Munch Man on VideoGameHouse for more detail, including a Munch Man prototype which explains the "munching" even though Munch Man never munches!


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