Duality ZF Testimonials

Monday, August 31, 2009
By: Matthew Doucette

Some amazing Duality ZF feedback we'd like to share:

“Holy crap... Very excited about duality... Hadn't heard of it until today. Think you've got a definite hit on your hands. Look forward to picking it up. :)” - tehsuxor90210

“Mate, your game looks brilliant and hilarious and deadly serious all at once. Much kudos.” – tartley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
It looks really freaking cool, and the music brings back some good ole shooter memories.
Feels japanese in a good way.
I definitely look forward to play testing, reviewing and obviously buying it.
Keep on rocking.

All i gotta say is HOLY SHIT! That was impressive! I can't wait for a a video with some insane boss Matt : P

WOW! Explosions: awesome, Fire-rate: very good!

I sincerely applaud to you guys for really learning the "superb-shmup 101" rules that go around in this niche genre: that video really shows this.

I see many threads here in the dev section asking about criticism&impressions on their "shmup" but when they finally receive good constructive criticism, they either keep their fingers in their ears or act like a total cocky dumbass. BUT NOT YOU TWO!


I really hope you sell many copies of Duality: ZF. Good luck!

Video looks fucking brilliant

OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh......please release this ;)

Day one purchase. I don't say that very often.


Wow guys looks mad good,
i take it you wont be submitting this to DBP considering your releasing it to community games.
It sounds like you guys put alot of effort in and this should be way better than so many other shmups on community games or anywhere.
It also seems like you have quite a group of people following you, good luck with everything.

“It looks absolutely incredible and is the only game that has, so far, made me think of buying an Xbox.” - R-Typer

“Oh man. I just saw that trailer for Duality ZF. I'm buying this first day it comes out.” – SFKhoa

“Wow... is that actually YOUR game? If so, very impressive. Either way though, it looks really good :)”

“Wow, Duality: ZF looks sick”

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