Halifax Scramble S (Wrap Up)

Saturday, August 16, 2014
By: Matthew Doucette

Halifax Scramble S, a shmup event in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Welcome to the Halifax Scramble S wrap up. It took place today at The Last GameStore, a sequel to the first shmup event in Nova Scotia. As in the first event, we hosted our own Xona Games shmup tournament with Score Rush.

Here's a quick breakdown from the event info page:

The Maritime SDF has been tracking another wave of deadly invaders making headway for the Halifax Region! IT'S TIME TO SHOOT 'EM UP!!


- ReDUX: Dark Matters (Dreamcast)
- DUX 1.5 (Dreamcast)
- Pink Bullets: Last Hope (Dreamcast)
- Fast Striker 1.5 (Dreamcast)
- Gunlord (Dreamcast)
- Neo-XYX (Dreamcast)
- Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst (Xbox 360)
- GeSen Love ~Plus Pengo!~ (Xbox 360)
- Cosmo Gang: The Video (SFC)
- Pop'n Twinbee (SFC)
- Score Rush (XBLIG)


DUX 1.5 Collector's Edition (Dreamcast)
DUX 1.0 Reprint Edition (Dreamcast, x3)
Pink Bullets: Last Hope (Dreamcast)
Where the Air is Thin (digital album) by Ser Flash

...and leftovers from our first Scramble, includng the Deathsmiles LE and Rockin' Android PC games up for grabs!

Some of those prices are incredibly rare and expensive. Insane, really.



The Last GameStore and the Xonamobile.

Closest parking space possible!

Tenasitee scoring the highest in Score Rush (Xbox 360).

Look at all those high scores!
Amazingly, all of these were full completions of  Score Rush (Xbox 360).

The beautiful Tenasitee wins Deathsmiles (Xbox 360),
for winning the Score Rush tournament with her personal best!
P.S. She also placed first last time in our Decimation X3 tournament!


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That is all!



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