2006 Nissan 350Z

Friday, August 31, 2012
By: Matthew Doucette

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Matthew's 2006 Nissan 350Z.

At CARSTAR Yarmouth.

My 350Z. See #xonamobile for Instagram pics.



Stock: black, 2006 Nissan 350Z (Fairlady Z, Z33), built on Nissan FM platform, base trim, no spoiler, 18" rims, 2 seater, 6-speed manual transmission, 3.5L (210 cu in) naturally aspirated V6 engine, 7,000 rpm redline, 8,000 rpm tachometer, 155mph (250 kph) top speed limiter, or ~170mph (~275 kph) without.

Item Stock Modified Notes
horsepower: 300 @ 6,400 rpm 305 (+5) via K&N RE-0930-L High-Flow Air Filter
torque (lb·ft): 260 @ 4,800 rpm ??? via K&N RE-0930-L High-Flow Air Filter
curb weight (lbs): 3,339 3,268.8 (-70.2) via weight reduction
curb weight (kg): 1514.5 1482.7 (-31.8) via weight reduction
Power to Weight Results
weight to power (lb / hp): 11.13 10.72 (-0.41) (lower = better)
power to weight (hp / lb): 0.090 0.093 (+0.003) (typical measure for engines without car)
power to weight (hp / short ton): 179.7 186.6 (+6.9) (short ton = U.S. ton = 2,000 lbs)
power to weight (hp / tonne): 198.1 205.7 (+7.6) (tonne = metric ton = 1,000 kg = 2204.62 lbs)
power to weight (hp / long ton): 201.3 209.0 (+7.7) (long ton = U.K. ton = 2,240 lbs)

This equates to a power-to-weight ratio gain equivalent to 311.6 hp (+11.6 hp).

More technically, the stock 2006 engine is a VQ35DE 3.5 L (210 cu in) V6, 300 hp (224 kW; 304 PS) at 6,400 rpm and 260 lb·ft (353 N·m) at 4,800 rpm. The engine is an improvement over the 2003..05 version which produced 287 hp and 274 lb·ft of torque. Even though the peak torque is lower (260 vs. 274), it is flatter and performs better.

The rims are 18", not 19". The smaller profile of the car gives the look of a larger rim. For example 19" rims on a 2013 Ford Mustang may be in proportion to 18" rims on a 350Z. There are only two seats, it is not a 2+2. (Check out the Infiniti G35 coupe for a 2+2 "version" of the 350Z.) When you look inside a 350Z, you can see there's no room for even the smallest of seats to make a 2+2.


My Purchase:

I specifically sought out a 350Z, considering a G35 as a backup plan. When it was all said and done, I considered ten different 350Z's over the course of months. I test drove four (two 2003, two 2006) and put two on the hoist (one 2003, one 2006) before making a decision. The year 2006 was the year I wanted most, due to its relation to the 35th anniversary model and minor fixes from previous years. The 2006 happened to be the best car. I originally wanted black, then light gray, and then had to settle on the black. I still believe the light gray to be the most sporty color.

Next to a Saturn Sky in front of Yarmouth's Canadian Tire.


Modifications / Upgrades / Weight Reduction:

List of modifications:

*Pictures of these mods below.

This totals to a 3,268.8 lbs and 305 hp . A savings of 70.2 lbs and a gain of 5 hp, which equates to a power-to-weight ratio gain equivalent to 311.6 hp.

More on weight reduction: It is interesting that I actually shaved 122.4 lbs off my car, not 70.2 lbs, but I also added ~35.2 lbs with my stereo and did not count 17.0 lbs weight savings from removal of my personal 'junk'. Removing personal junk still counts, as most people have junk in their cars. However, I cannot honestly say I lightened my car 17.0 lbs when I was the cause of the extra weight in the first place.

My ultimate goal, not including a 440 hp (352 lb/ft) Vortech Supercharger, is to shave 300 lbs (can it be done?) and bump the horsepower to 320 hp (via intake/exhaust), giving the same power to weight ratio as 350 hp.

More to come!


Top Speed:

Stock, all 350Z's are electronically limited to 155mph (250 kph), but if disabled is capable of a top speed of 165..175 mph (266..282 kph), likely about 170 mph (274 kph). Here is a video of a stock "350Z HR" going 172mph (277kph), with the speed limiter removed:

172mph (277kph) top speed of stock 2007..08 306hp VQ35HR 350Z.

The "350Z HR" in the video above is a 306hp VQ35HR (HR = high rev) 2007..08 model. It has 6 hp more than a stock 2006 model, or about 1 hp more than mine.


Personal Top Speed:

I have driven it to 138 mph (222 kph) in a safe and closed course condition (always), as measured by the digital speedometer. I was nearing the end of the fifth gear. It was a smooth ride and there was still power left and a sixth gear to move into. The sixth gear is a racing gear, unlike cruising sixth gears found in some sports cars such as the C5 Corvettes where their top speed is obtained in the fifth gear, and their best fuel effeciency is found in the sixth gear.

Stored in the Yarmouth International Airport for winter.
(UPDATE: PowerAdder air filter since replaced with a K&N RE-0930-L High-Flow Air Filter.)


2005 35th Anniversary Edition vs. 2006:

The 2006 model is special, as mid-2005 Nissan produced a 35th anniversary edition, to which only the 2006 model maintained some of its features. So any 2006 model is quite unique. The new features included an updated engine, bi-xenon projectors, a revised front fascia, new LED rear lights, and changes to the interior trim.


Infiniti G35 Coupe:

Check out the Infiniti G35 coupe for a 2+2 version of the 350Z, since they share the same FM platform along with the Nissan Skyline.


2003..06 vs. 2007..08 Hood Designs:

The 2003..2006 350Z hood style, featuring double straight lines.

The 2007..2008 model featured a different hood design (see above and below), that was looped, instead of the two straight lines found on the 2003..2006 models which I prefer. The new hood design was required for additional engine room.

2007..2008 350Z featured a different hood design, with a loop.


Maintenance & Up Keep:

At Short Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It has never seen a winter or salted roads, which any Canadian will tell you can destroy your car. It looks new outside, inside, and underneath. It looks more new, in fact, than brand new cars on Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada car lots that do not escape our winters.

Matthew's 2006 Nissan 350Z at Short Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Personalized Vanity Plate:

I'm looking to get a vanity plate that says "XONA" or "XONACOM", but not sure which yet. One shows off our xona.com address but might be misread as a full word "Xonacom" and the other is more true to our Xona Games name and looks more unique with less letters, but does not inspire one to check out our website:

(License plates generated by ACME License Maker.)

Update: just ordered the XONA plate. I figured I didn't want my car being an ad, even though it was cool to be able to fit our xona.com web address within a license plate. Here are some pics:




Stored in the Yarmouth International Airport for winter.
See 300 hp / 260 lb·ft torque V6 engine and aftermarket air filter.

Blasting OutRun's Magical Sound Shower track, too bad it's distorted from the bass.
(Closed circuit.)


More pics:

All these pics were taken at Short Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada:

Old license plate.

Wheel re-aligment. (Taken on my Jalloo 2013 trip.)

Looking better with the wheels back on! (Taken on my Jalloo 2013 trip.)

Some pics of the interior:

(Taken on my Jalloo 2013 trip.)

Close-up of my iDA-X100 Alpine faceplate. It was stolen shortly before my Jalloo 2013 trip. This is my replacement.

(Taken on my Jalloo 2013 trip.)


Original Price:

The price was $46,198 in 2006, which is $56,332.84 CAD in 2018 dollars considering inflation (Bank of Canada).

Here's the details and sources:

The base retail price of a new 2006 Nissan 350Z was $46,198 - $53,698 CAD. In 2018 dollars, it would be $56,332.84 - $65,478.18 CAD. My car, the "Performance Coupe" model, would be at the low end of that range, $56,332.84 CAD in 2018 dollars.

2006 Nissan 350Z
Base Retail Price: $46,198 - $53,698
Source: http://en.autos.sympatico.msn.ca/vip/pricereplist.aspx?modelid=10788&src=vip (no longer active)

Nissan 350Z Roadster Convertible
Base Retail (MSRP) $53,698
Nissan 350Z Roadster 5AT Convertible
Base Retail (MSRP) $53,698
Nissan 350Z Performance 5AT Coupe
Base Retail (MSRP) $46,198
Nissan 350Z Performance Coupe
Base Retail (MSRP) $46,198

Source: http://en.autos.sympatico.msn.ca/vip/newoverview.aspx?make=Nissan&model=350Z&pos=Find (no longer active)


Weight Reduction #1:

59.6 lbs of uneeded weight!

So I decided to get into weight reduction. Here's the details. I took out all the "junk" in my car, anything unnecessary:

I left my insurance paper and vehicle permit, two pieces of paper! That's the only things left in my car!

The savings were 59.6 lbs (42.6 lbs from stock parts, 17.0 lbs from personal 'junk'). This is the same power to weight gain as having an extra 5.5 hp. Enough to notice. Counting only the savings from stock parts, 42.6 lbs, it is the same power to weight gain as 3.9 hp and brings my curb weight down from a slightly heavy 3,339.0 lbs to a more respectable 3,296.4 lbs.

P.S. I have two aftermarket 8" subs in my car, which add weight. I have addressed this added weight in my overall weight calculations.


Weight Reduction #2:

An easy way to shave weight is to drop unneeded fluids. The two main ones that stand out are a half tank of gas and windshield washer fluid. For now, I just cut the gas. A half tank of gas saves 60.7 lbs, based on 91 octane fuel weight and a 20.0 gallon tank. Of course this varies, but if you make sure to never go above half, you have at least this savings.

Check out the 350Z-TECH Weight Reduction Guide for more tips.



Weight Reduction #3 (Failed):

There's talk on 350Z forums of a rear hatch counter weight that can be removed. Unlike the forum title, it does not weight 12 lbs. More like 2.5 lbs. It generally exists on 350Z's without spoilers, to make up for the lost spoiler weight. I have no spoiler, but when I looked I also had no rear hatch counter weight. Nothing to remove!

My 350Z rear hatch counter weight is already "removed". It was never installed.
It would have screwed into these four holes.

Why bother saving 2.5 lbs? I actually want to remove the rear wipers, motor, and wiring too. That's why I was messing in the trunk to begin with. Eventually I will do that if I can find these parts locally:

  1. 25mm size hole plug to plug the rear wiper deletion:
  2. 22mm size hole plug to plug the spray nozzle (I don't need the 19mm or 24mm, but they come in a pack here):
  3. Silicone to make it water proof:


Performance Upgrade #1:

My PowerAdder air filter, pictured below, broke on me! So I had to replace it.

PowerAdder air filter. (It broke on me.)

PowerAdder air filter since replaced with a K&N RE-0930-L High-Flow Air Filter.

This adds about 5 hp, for 305 hp total.


Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge:

(2020-JUN-24 UPDATE: Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge has moved to xona.com/lakedoucette. Links in this article may be broken, but their contents can be found at this new location.)

I tracked my 350Z on the Lake Doucette Motor Speedway, at the Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge event.

I tracked my car at various Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge events. It is an event I co-founded which allows people to test their street cars on the Lake Doucette Motor Speedway track.

Breakdown of my lap times: 

Check out my post mortem of the first time I tracked my car.

My 350Z posting my personal best lap at event #2.
Looks slower on camera; I hit 130 kph (80 mph) on the straight away heading away.

Me tracking my 350Z at event #4.

Me tracking my 350Z at event #4.
New personal record: 21.12s lap time.
Hit max speed of 130 kph on straight without the stands at the end.


More Pics (2014-NOV-20):

Storing the 350Z at the Yarmouth International Airport for winter.

Sad day, but at least she's smiling!

Blog entry: 350Z: Winter Storage.

More Pics (2015-DEC-14):

Putting the 350Z away for winter storage at the Yarmouth International Airport. There was a late winter this year in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Blog entry: 350Z: Late Winter Storage.


Before (2019-AUG-09):

Being dropped off to Pothier Gordon Auto Body Shop for a new paint job.

After 1/2 (2020-JUN-14):

- body (minor body work, new paint job)
- wheels (sanding, new paint job in Brilliant Silver K23 color)
- headlights (polish, clear coat)
- detailing (body polish and wax)

After 2/2 (2021-DEC-23):

- body (new paint job)

Final Restoration Details:

Paint Jobs:

The Z was actually painted 4 times: What you see in the videos is the 1st and 4th. The 1st paint job had a bubble in the hood. The 2nd was a hood repaint that had badly mixed paint (from factory). The 3rd was a full car repaint that had flaws where Gordon wanted to repaint it for me again. The 4th paint job is the final. Thanks so much, Gordan Pothier! I was hoping he would not get sick of my car!


That is all, for now...



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