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Our behind-the-scenes game and technology prototypes.



Listed from newest to oldest:

  1. Not-So-Random Pi
  2. Random Pi
  3. The Exploration Thereof...
  4. Infinite Ammo
  5. Scaredy Ship
  6. Xonafish
  7. Color Crush (was Xonakoid)
  8. Random
  9. Rumble Strips (related to Full Tilt)
  10. God Particle (related to Gravity Simulation)
  11. Raccontra
  12. Press Fire To Begin
  13. Duality ZF
  14. eScape (was Project X)
  15. Evolutionary Prototype (via our previous game company, Saw Tooth Distortion)
  16. Full Tilt (related to Rumble Strips)
  17. To Be Continued...
  18. Space Harrier Clone
  19. Wipeout
  20. Arkanoid '97
  21. Spring Theory
  22. Space Invaders '97 (eventually Decimation X Series)
  23. Voxel Terrain
  24. Anti-Gravity Simulation
  25. Gravity Simulation (related to God Particle)



Listed in alphabetic order:

  1. Bullet Dancer
  2. Duality Zero (related to Duality ZF)
  3. Flowshot
  4. Genetic Algorithm Rubik's Cube Solver
  5. HeliTank
  6. Mech Gunner
  7. Score Rush 2 (for Windows Phone)
  8. ScoreShare
  9. Screensavers


How To Prototype:

An awesome presentation by Jonathan Blow, of Braid fame, on proper prototyping:

Jonathan Blow: Indie Prototyping

Oh, and here's something else we blogged on prototyping.


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