Decimation X Featured in Famitsu, Top Gaming Mag in Japan

Thursday, February 10, 2011
By: Matthew Doucette

Decimation X was featured in Famitsu March 2010, almost a year ago! Famitsu is the top gaming magazine in Japan. This is such an honor. Further, this marks all three of our XBLIG games as having been featured in Famitsu! The last time, or more correctly the second time seeing how we missed the first time by almost a year, Score Rush and Decimation X3 were two of Famitsu's top three picks.

Decimation X featured in March 2010 issue of Fatmitsu!

You might also want to check out Decimation X's sequel, Decimation X3.

Also, our beloved friends at Mommy's Best Games (Shoot 1UP), Radiangames (Crossfire, also see Crossfire 2), Fun Infused (Hypership Out of Control), Magical Timebean (Soulcaster, also see Soulcaster II), and Spyn Doctor Games (Your Doodles Are Bugged) are also featured! It's quite an amazing array of great indie games and developers! I have personally purchased all of these games. Shoot 1UP has won many awards, and Crossfire 2, Hypership Out of Control, Soulcaster II, and Decimaton X3 were all a part of the Indie Games Winter Uprising.

Much thanks to gaspode_t for sharing this!


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