Xona.com's Top 10 Articles of 2008
Sunday, April 5, 2009
By: Matthew Doucette

Statistics are always fun.  Here's our 2008 stats, plus the top 10 most visited articles in that time frame:

Xona.com 2008 stats by day

Xona.com 2008 stats by week

Xona.com 2008 stats by month


The Top 10:

  1. What is "wuauclt.exe" and "wuaudt.exe"? (xona.com/2004/08/26.html)
  2. How to Delete Undeletable Files or Folders (xona.com/2004/08/19.html)
  3. Domain Hacks (xona.com/domainhacks)
  4. Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena (xona.com/opticalillusions)
  5. Visual C++ .NET Standard Edition - Free Optimizing Compiler (xona.com/2004/06/29.html)
  6. Xona.com (xona.com)
  7. SpinRite 6.0 - HD Maintenance, Recovery, and Repair Software (xona.com/2004/06/07.html)
  8. Domain Hacks Suggest (xona.com/domainhacks/suggest)
  9. Windows XP Setup Tweaks & Tips (xona.com/2004/05/22.html)
  10. Inspirational Quotes (xona.com/quotes/inspirational.html)

Domain Hacks is our domain hack search utility.  We coined the term "domain hack" in late 2004 when we introduced our domain hack search.  Read Domain Hacks & Email Hacks for more information.

The Xona.com listing is, of course, our main page.

Windows XP Setup Tweaks & Tips was our first article.  It was written in early 2004 when we were known as Saw Tooth Distortion (sawtoothdistortion.com), which now forwards to xona.com.



  1. Proper Way to Recreate My Computer Desktop Icon (xona.com/2004/07/16-2.html)
  2. Education Quotes (xona.com/quotes/education.html)
  3. Financial Quotes (xona.com/quotes/financial.html)
  4. Domain Hacks & Email Hacks (xona.com/2004/11/03.html)
  5. Run Tasks in Low Priority (xona.com/2004/07/22.html)
  6. How To Upgrade phpBB (xona.com/2006/04/24.html)
  7. Reset Windows XP's Default Desktop Color (xona.com/2006/07/22.html)
  8. Uninstall 180 Search Assistant (xona.com/2004/07/18-2.html)
  9. WinRAR Tip #7: Batch File Backups (xona.com/2006/07/05g.html)
  10. Rare Parsec Facts (The TI-99/4A Video Game) (xona.com/ti994a/parsec.html)

I wonder if the financial quotes were mostly miss-hits.  As of the time of this writing, we are #1 in google.ca and #2 in google.com for "financial quotes":

  1. google.ca/search?q=financial+quotes
  2. google.com/search?q=financial+quotes

It should be noted that Uninstall 180 Search Assistant is surely outdated by now.

WinRAR Tip #7: Batch File Backups is just one of many WinRAR Tips.  It is an excellent backup and storage tip, which shows how to create time-stamped RAR file backups that do not overwrite previous backups.

Does anyone remember Parsec or the TI-99/4A?  It is one of our favorite games of all time, on our very first computer.



  1. Uninstall Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) (xona.com/2005/03/16.html)
  2. IE7: Disable Language Bar (xona.com/2007/01/24.html)
  3. Blue Colored Filenames (xona.com/2006/07/11.html)
  4. Quiet Your Hard Drive / Case Vibration Noise (xona.com/2006/08/02.html)
  5. Intelligence Quotes (xona.com/quotes/intelligence.html)
  6. Domain Hacks Suggest Top-Level Domains Used (xona.com/domainhacks/suggest/tld.html)
  7. Customize Your Windows Explorer Shortcut (xona.com/2004/07/18.html)
  8. The TI-99/4A Home Computer (xona.com/ti994a)
  9. WinRAR Tip #3: Delete Multiple Files out of Multiple RAR Files (xona.com/2006/07/05c.html)
  10. Domain Hacks Information (xona.com/domainhacks/info.html)

We use to own ti994a.com, but gave it away before making use of it.  It looks like it is up for sale now.  I won't link to it as who knows where it will link to tomorrow.



  1. How do Variable Argument List Functions Work? (xona.com/2006/07/27.html)
  2. ZoomView (xona.com/zoomview/)
  3. WinRAR Tip #5:  Run with Multi-Threading (xona.com/2006/07/05e.html)
  4. Wallpapers (xona.com/wallpapers/)
  5. Visual Studio .NET Keyboard Shortcuts Macro (xona.com/2005/08/02.html)
  6. Scientific Quotes (xona.com/quotes/scientific.html)
  7. Minesweeper and Random Number Generation (xona.com/2004/07/27-2.html)
  8. Smallest Positive Floating Point Values (xona.com/2006/07/26.html)
  9. Turbo Pascal's 64-bit comp Type (xona.com/2006/07/29.html)
  10. Chess Quotes (xona.com/quotes/chess.html)

If you haven't heard of our Windows ZoomView app, check it out.  Great for graphics designers and programmers.

Our wallpapers section is quite lacking, but look soon for Duality: ZF walllpapers.  Many wallpapers we had originally appeared on matthewdoucette.com, which now links to xona.com, and were removed due to excessive hotlinking.  It is too bad we had to reject a lot of visitors due to this abuse.  jasondoucette.com still has additional wallpapers.

#37, #38, and #39 are all very cool computer math articles by Jason.



  1. Action Quotes (xona.com/quotes/action.html)
  2. Hectomillionaire vs. Centimillionaire (xona.com/2006/12/17.html)
  3. Personal Quotes (xona.com/quotes/personal.html)
  4. Anti-Aliased Text: Better or Worse? (xona.com/2004/08/03-2.html)
  5. Quotes (xona.com/quotes)
  6. Monopoly National Championship Quiz Answers (xona.com/2004/07/23.html)
  7. Programming Quotes (xona.com/quotes/programming.html)
  8. Anti-Spyware Software Suggestions (xona.com/2006/06/21.html)
  9. Negative Quotes (xona.com/quotes/negative.html)
  10. Duality ZF (xona.com/dualityzf)

Do you know what a Hectomillionaire is?  As of the time of this writing, we are #1 and #2 in google.ca and google.com for "hectomillionaire":

  1. google.ca/search?q=hectomillionaire
  2. google.com/search?q=hectomillionaire

Who doesn't love Monopoly?

Duality ZF, our upcoming Xbox 360 game, finally makes it on the list at #50.  Hopefully year 2009 will bump it to the top.  It will be released later this month (April 2009).


Our Preferred Top Articles:

Thought you might find it interesting to see our preferred top articles:

Duality ZF is number one, as it's our current project; We are very excited about it!  Also, note that some of these articles barely existed throughout the 2008 year.


That is all.



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