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Score Rush
(Xbox 360 / HTML5)

(This page covers the Xbox 360 version and HTML5 ports of Score Rush. For other versions, visit Score Rush series. For Score Rush's spiritual sequel, visit Duality ZF.)


Download: Score Rush (Xbox LIVE; $5)
Play: Score Rush (single player(Turbulenz; free)
Score Rush MP  (online multiplayer) (Turbulenz; free)
Add: Score Rush (Chrome Web Store; free)

Description: Score Rush (scorerush.com) is a 4-player dual-stick shoot 'em up and spiritual prequel to Duality ZF. Features overwhelming firepower, trailing options, full screen bombs, tons of enemies, with an intimidating final boss and hundreds of crazy bullet patterns to survive. The 60 fps adrenaline-rush experience is complemented by a hard-rocking Dragon Music Productions soundtrack. Designed by Xona Games "empower the player" philosophy. HTML5 Version Only: Ported to Turbulenz (HTML5) with global leaderboards and badgesonline multiplayer, and allows usage of keyboard, mouse, or Xbox controller.

Awards: Powered by award-winning Duality engine, Xbox LIVE Indie Game of the Week, #1 and #2 best seller in 3 countries, top 5 rating in Japan, 1 of 5 best indie games by Gamasutra, top pick in Famitsu the #1 gaming magazine in Japan, 11th best selling Xbox LIVE Indie Game worldwide, top 3 pick by Microsoft Japanwon a $50,000 Tizen contestBizzaro Games top 15 $1 Xbox LIVE Indie Games, great reviews (10/10, 9.5/10, 89%), made into a cake, and more.


4 player shoot 'em up.

Boss #2.

Boss #4

A midboss (#5), if you can believe it.


"Wow, you guys really did put a lot of effort into this game didn't you. The polish is extraordinary. The gameplay is so well balanced I can't imagine how many times you must have played it to get it right. Even the audio peaks and lows at the right times. Whoever invented the 'invincible during screen shake' is a genius. And you've used it to perfect effect, there always seem to be the right 'screen shaking alien' around at the right time to get out of jail. Some of the bullet patterns, especially the ones that cross over each other, are evil :p This game is an indie masterpiece. I hope you guys are proud of it." - Greenstone Games

"Apart from the obvious visual delight that is one of this game's strengths, I was struck by a couple more things. It's surprisingly very clean and uncluttered regards to identifying yourself in that sea of bullet hell. I'm not the greatest shooter, it must be said, but despite this I found that I was having a very satisfying time as the challenge seemed to be set beautifully." - Adrian

"Thank you SO MUCH for making one of the coolest, and most affordable games I've ever purchased or played! Score Rush is absolutely amazing, so addictive and so fun to play." - John Schuepbach

"I can't say enough how cool this game is. I've been playing games for nearly 35 years now, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that "Score Rush" is one of the coolest games I've EVER played!" - John Schuepbach

"A couple nights ago, I was playing Score Rush, a twin-stick shooter on Xbox, and thinking what an exemplary game it was. Simple, but with highly polished gameplay. Something that other designers and developers could stand to learn from." - Jay McGavren

"Score Rush is simply the best HTML5 game demo that I've ever seen." - William Dias

"Can't believe I missed this video! Thanks so much for taking the time to share all this info; great interview. If you guys never made or released another game ever, Score Rush would still go down in history as one of the coolest games I've ever played. Thank you guys for following your passion and for sharing it with the world!" - Shuey187

"You guys are fucking amazing. Score Rush is one of the best shooters I've ever played, it's the best XBLIA title period. I don't want to sound cliche, but the polish is incredible and you guys are super awesome for not making it an expensive XBLA title or something. I play me the hell out of some Score Rush. The part where I rush to get a score is my favorite." - Nelson Gatlin (full feedback here)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome work you did on Score Rush! I just discovered it the other day on the xbox live marketplace and I have been seriously addicted. For a smaller studio, you guys seem to put an extraordinarily high level of polish on your games and I can really see that you put a lot of thought into your development process. Your shoot em up games are some of the best I have ever played! I also really appreciate your efforts in making your games 4 player coop. It seems like couch coop is often overlooked these days, and the fact that you implement this feature just makes your games that much better! ... I would love to see another Xona Shmup game on consoles! Best wishes and good luck with future projects." - Spencer Jenik

"Score Rush has quickly become on of my favorite games on the Xbox 360. Let me clarify: Score Rush is not one of my favorites only on the XBLIG channel, but on the entire console. It's that good. I've easily put over 20 hours onto it over multiple consoles, and have campaigned the greatness of it to so many of my friends that they're beginning to wonder if I'm in your employment. Seriously, keep up the good work!" - iGrendei (Hunter Rose)


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