Decimation X3
(Xbox 360)

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Download: Decimation X3 (Xbox LIVE; $5) (offline)

Description: Decimation X3 is a 4 player shoot 'em up and sequel to Decimation X, a #1 Japan hit, and chosen to represent the notable Indie Games Winter Uprising. Back with intensified gameplay, extra power-ups, more firepower, improved retro graphics, huge bosses, and a beautifully remixed Imphenzia soundtrack. Developed by the Xona Games "empower the player philosophy", also found in Duality ZF and Score Rush. Released: December 7th, 2010.

Awards: Sequel to #1 Japan hit#1 best selling Xbox LIVE Indie Game in 4 countries, chosen for Indie Game Winter Uprising, top 5 rank in Japan, one of 16 best Xbox LIVE Indie Games by Official Xbox Magazine, featured in Official Xbox Magazine, featured on Reviews On The Run, top pick in Joystiq's 2010 Buyer's Guide, top pick in Famitsu the #1 gaming magazine in Japan, 10th best selling XBLIG worldwide, Racketboy Best Beginner Shmups, a Decimation X3 day honor at Japan's Pier 21 arcade, a near perfect 9.5/10 review, and more.




"‘Bullet hell’ is a term that I never truly came to terms with, as there are many layers that encompass it, much like Dante’s Inferno. In the first layer, you have your basic shooters with bullets flying in every direction, but slowly so as to be easily avoided. Somewhere in the middle are Contra and Metal Slug. But in the final layer, sitting on a throne of bone marrow and Warcraft accounts, is Satan himself, playing both Score Rush and Decimation X3 at the same time." - Chris O'Neal

"I've never seen that power up before. I've lived a long time. I've seen all power ups. This one I've never seen before." - Scott Jones, Reviews on the Run

"I've never seen a whole row of power ups coming down where you have to slide across and get as many as you can." - Victor Lucas, Reviews on the Run

Xona strikes again! It's a bullet deluge and pixel typhoon in the brothers Doucette's third and greatest homage to a pillar of classic gaming that even Taito's own update, the excellent Space Invaders Extreme, fails to match in terms of sheer awesome. - Nick Marroni, Complex

Wise design choices mean never drawing down players' increasingly ridiculous levels of firepower, even after taking a bullet, and from the moment collaborator Imphenzia's electronic tunes kick in on the title screen, things never let up, resulting in the single best shoot-em-up on XBLIG, besting even the Doucettes' own Score Rush. It just doesn't get done any bigger than this, folks. - Nick Marroni, Complex

Controls are everything. Every move counts. Each decision means life or death, so the controls need to be as smooth as possible. Xona Games hit the nail on the head with their super-smooth gameplay. - Alfonso Arana

I instantly felt like the driver, with super-smooth movements that allowed me to dodge enemy fire, as well as move into the right spots to dodge enemy fire without moving too far or too short. - Alfonso Arana

I was in full control the whole time, and when I died, I couldn’t blame it on the game. The controls are just that smooth and simple. - Alfonso Arana

Not only do you get to play this pixellated masterpiece by yourself, you also get the opportunity to bring three friends along for the ride. - Alfonso Arana

After I finally started, I saw the graphics and was blown away. The graphics are the epitome of retro. I mean, my parents walked in and even told me they remembered playing Decimation X3 when they were younger. When I told them that this was a brand new game, the only thing they could do was ask to play (which they did, and they loved it). - Alfonso Arana


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