Game Prototypes

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Game Prototypes:

Newest to oldest:

  1. Nano ナノ (was Project X)
  2. Project X (prototyped as Raccontra; eventually Nano ナノ)
  3. 3D Ray Casting Engine
  4. HiKori 火氷 (FireIce) (based off Kakeru)
  5. Pseudo 3D Road (related to Full Tilt, Rumble Strips)
  6. The First Pixel (side-scrolling shmup)
  7. Find Your Sanity (related to Voxel Terrain)
  8. The Quest For Truth (Roguelike Text-Based Adventure; 2D RPG)
  9. Rehabilitation (6 degree of freedom space shmup)
  10. Hyperbol (non-Euclidean geometry + voxel art)
  11. Kakeru 乗数 (was Multi 360; dual-stick shmup)
  12. The Exploration Thereof... (non-Euclidean geometry)
  13. Infinite Ammo (fps)
  14. Scaredy Ship
  15. Xonafish
  16. Color Crush (was Xonakoid)
  17. Random
  18. Rumble Strips (related to Full Tilt, Pseudo 3D Road)
  19. God Particle (related to Gravity Simulation)
  20. Raccontra (eventually Project X)
  21. Press Fire To Begin
  22. Duality ZF
  23. Evolutionary Prototype (offline)
  24. Full Tilt (related to Rumble Strips, Pseudo 3D Road)
  25. Space Harrier Clone
  26. Arkanoid '97
  27. Space Invaders '97 (eventually Decimation X Series)


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