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2023/Jan/08 ChatGPT: Fifth Object Oriented Programming Principle? Modularity!
2022/Jan/18 How to Copy/Duplicate a Git Repository With Full History
2020/Nov/09 Never Use "Var"...
2020/Mar/10 Fibonacci and Leonardo Numbers
2020/Jan/08 52 Weeks of Sharing
2019/Sep/06 Game Dev Resources
2019/Feb/03 Lowest Unused Anti-Prime (Highly Composite Number) Factors
2019/Jan/14 How I Record Retro Gameplay on PC
2019/Jan/13 Mode 13h Demo Effects (1997)
2019/Jan/13 3Dfx Demo Effects (1998-1999)
2018/Dec/06 Highly Composite Numbers (Anti-Primes)
2018/Aug/08 Motivational Articles
2018/Jun/29 Ignite Labs Launches with $600,000 Funding
2018/Jun/17 Tech / Game Industry Jobs
2018/May/30 Dollar Words
2017/Dec/10 eScape: Early Development Videos
2017/Nov/17 Prime Factorizations
2017/Nov/06 Not-So-Random Pi
2017/Oct/22 Random Pi
2017/Apr/10 Exploring Non-Euclidean Geometry
2017/Feb/04 Another Way to Create a GitHub Repository
2016/Jul/05 XNA 5.0 Officially Declined by Microsoft
2016/Jun/06 Unity Game Development Tutorial
2016/May/01 Xonafish (Chess Engine)
2016/Mar/25 2D Game Development Tutorial - Part 1 - Installing the Software
2016/Mar/17 Introducing Xona Learn
2016/Mar/17 2D Game Development Tutorial - C#/XNA
2015/Nov/30 Tandy 1000 SX
2015/Sep/10 How I Record My Console Gameplay
2014/Oct/10 Speed Up DOSBox
2014/Apr/02 Domains, Domains, Domains
2013/Sep/17 Running CityDesk on Windows Vista/7/8/10/11
2013/Sep/09 Our Own NES Game Genie Codes
2013/Jun/03 Munch Man (TI-99/4A)
2013/Jun/03 TI Invaders (TI-99/4A)
2013/Jan/27 Aaron Swartz
2012/Oct/28 To Be Continued... 3Dfx Graphics Demo (1999)
2011/Aug/30 Java Versions Explained
2010/Dec/21 Hit Counter Stopped at 7,000,000 Page Views
2010/Sep/08 How to Install FileZilla FTP Server
2010/May/03 Multidirectional XNA Games Control Tip
2009/Sep/01 Was Gmail Down For Everyone?
2009/Apr/05's Top 10 Articles of 2008
2007/Feb/11 Editing Google Toolbar Dictionary
2007/Jan/30 IE7: Open Homepage In New Tabs
2007/Jan/24 IE7: Disable Language Bar
2006/Dec/12 Tweak UI Bug
2006/Oct/08 eScape
2006/Aug/02 Quiet Your Hard Drive / Case Vibration Noise
2006/Jul/29 Turbo Pascal's 64-bit comp Type
2006/Jul/26 Smallest Positive Floating Point Values
2006/Jul/22 Reset Windows XP's Default Desktop Color
2006/Jul/11 Blue Colored Filenames
2006/Jul/05 WinRAR Tips
2006/Jun/22 Google Search Tips For Webmasters
2006/Jun/21 Anti-Spyware Software Suggestions
2006/Jun/14 Easily Avoid Large C++ Class Copies
2006/Apr/24 How To Upgrade phpBB
2006/Apr/15 The TI-99/4A Home Computer
2006/Apr/15 Rare Parsec Facts (TI-99/4A)
2005/Aug/02 Visual Studio .NET Keyboard Shortcuts Macro
2005/Mar/16 Uninstall Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
2004/Nov/03 Domain Hacks & Email Hacks
2004/Oct/20 Create an MP3 Alarm Clock
2004/Oct/17 Google Gmail Invites
2004/Aug/26 What is "wuauclt.exe" and "wuaudt.exe"?
2004/Aug/19 How to Delete Undeletable Files or Folders
2004/Aug/10 Uninstall Windows Messenger
2004/Aug/03 Anti-Aliased Text: Better or Worse?
2004/Aug/03 Investigate Windows Processes
2004/Jul/27 Minesweeper and Random Number Generation
2004/Jul/27 Hide Preview Pane in Outlook Express
2004/Jul/22 Run Tasks in Low Priority
2004/Jul/19 Search MSDN with Google
2004/Jul/18 Uninstall 180 Search Assistant
2004/Jul/18 Customize Your Windows Explorer Shortcut
2004/Jul/16 Proper Way to Recreate My Computer Desktop Icon
2004/Jul/16 How Connected Files are Made, and their Problems
2004/Jul/01 Programming Windows, 5th Edition - Errata Addendum
2004/Jun/29 Visual C++ .NET Standard Edition - Free Optimizing Compiler
2004/Jun/17 Stop Spam Mail
2004/Jun/09 Monitor Convergence
2004/Jun/07 SpinRite 6.0 - HD Maintenance, Recovery, and Repair Software
2004/May/22 Windows XP Setup Tweaks & Tips