Articles - Year 2007

All our articles from 2007. Enjoy! Visit our blog for a full article listing from all years.


Editing Google Toolbar Dictionary
2007/Feb/11 — Jason Doucette
How to edit Google Toolbar's user dictionary, in case of the addition of a misspelled word.

Richard Dawkins: Reading of The God Delusion
2007/Feb/06 — Matthew Doucette
Richard Dawkins's reading of The God Delusion in Lynchburg, VA.

IE7: Open Homepage In New Tabs
2007/Jan/30 — Matthew Doucette
Internet Explorer 7 opens a blank page for new tabs.  Here's how to open your homepage instead.

IE7: Disable Language Bar
2007/Jan/24 — Matthew Doucette
Updating to Internet Explorer 7 enables the "Language Bar".  Here's how to disable it.

Get Rich Books and Greed
2007/Jan/21 — Matthew Doucette
Thoughts on "get rich" books and their relationship with greed.

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