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Score Rush: Featured in Game Type XBLIG Title
2011/Dec/21 — Matthew Doucette
Score Rush is featured in Mommy's Best Games' newest XBLIG title, Game Type.

Score Rush: Turbulenz Beta: Now Playable!
2011/Nov/16 — Matthew Doucette
Score Rush beta is now playable on Turbulenz!

Java Versions Explained
2011/Aug/30 — Matthew Doucette
Let me help explain all the different Java versions you can run into.

Xbox LIVE Indie Games Should Be Doing More
2011/Jul/27 — Matthew Doucette
Should Xbox LIVE Indie Games do more? Yes!

Xona Games Backs Indie Game: The Movie On Kickstarter
2011/Jul/22 — Matthew Doucette
Just showing some indie game support!

Decimation X3: 16 Best Xbox LIVE Indie Games by Official Xbox Magazine
2011/Jul/11 — Matthew Doucette
Decimation X3 picked as one of the "16 Best Xbox LIVE Indie Games" by Official Xbox Magazine!

Xona Games Targeted For Rating Manipulation Abuse, Twice
2011/Jul/06 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games has been targeted for Xbox LIVE Indie Games rating manipulation abuse, twice now!

Duality ZF: New 2011 Trailer
2011/Jul/04 — Matthew Doucette
New Duality ZF 2011 trailer!

Score Rush: Top Picked in Retro Gamer's Indie High Five
2011/Jul/04 — Matthew Doucette
Score Rush picked in Retro Gamer's Indie High Five!

Xona Games: Featured in Official Xbox Magazine Online
2011/Jul/04 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games featured in Official Xbox Magazine Online!

Halifax Game Jam 2011 Wrap Up
2011/Jun/27 — Matthew Doucette
Notes and thoughts about our first game jam, Halifax Game Jam 2011.

Xona Games: Canada Business Feature
2011/Jun/20 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games featured in Canada Business, Nova Scotia's monthly business information bulletin.

"How I come to be Xona-Infected?"
2011/Jun/20 — Matthew Doucette
A true fans account of Xona Games. Very inspiring.

Score Rush: Winner of Golden Dude Award for Best Graphics
2011/Jun/20 — Matthew Doucette
Score Rush wins Golden Dude award for Best Graphics in an Xbox LIVE Indie Game!

Score Rush: 89/100 on XXL Gaming
2011/Jun/20 — Matthew Doucette
Score Rush scores 89% on XXL Gaming!

Photoshop: How To Delete Off-Canvas Content
2011/Jun/08 — Matthew Doucette
How to delete excess canvas content in Adobe Photoshop.

Decimation X2: Xbox LIVE Indie Game of the Week
2011/Jun/07 — Matthew Doucette
Decimation X2 named Xbox LIVE Indie Game of the Week.

Xona Games: Featured in Chronicle Herald
2011/May/30 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games featured in Chronicle Herald, again!

Decimaton X3: Featured in Official Xbox Magazine
2011/May/18 — Matthew Doucette
Decimaton X3 featured in Official Xbox Magazine!

Xona Games: Interviewed by The Thoughtful Gamers
2011/May/09 — Matthew Doucette
A very detailed and unique Xona Games interview by The Thoughtful Gamers.

Decimation X2: $1,000 Highly Commended Winner in WP7COMP
2011/May/06 — Matthew Doucette
Decimation X2 wins $1,000 Highly Commended award in WP7COMP.

Decimation X: Top 10 Xbox LIVE Indie Games
2011/Apr/25 — Matthew Doucette
Decimation X picked in CVG's Top 10 Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Xona Games 1 of 3 Developers To Produce Three 4-Star XBLIG Games
2011/Apr/11 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games is one of only three developers to produce three or more 4+ star rated Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Xona Games is 4-Player Shmup King of XBLIG: Created 3 of Top 7
2011/Mar/25 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games created three of the top seven 4-player shmups on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Xona Games Running Lean: The Lean Startup Challenge
2011/Mar/21 — Matthew Doucette
Our entry into the $100,000 Lean Startup Challenge!

Xona Games: Featured in Nova Scotia's "Your Studio Here" Promotions
2011/Mar/14 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games is a part of Nova Scotia's "Your Studio Here" promotions.

GDC 2011 Wrap Up
2011/Mar/14 — Matthew Doucette
Our GDC 2011 wrap-up!

Score Rush: 5/5 Star Review
2011/Mar/11 — Matthew Doucette gives Score Rush a perfect 5 out of 5 star review!

Xona Games Featuered: Indie Games Counter Sequel-Driven Market
2011/Feb/22 — Matthew Doucette
CBC News features Xona Games in an article about innovative indie games and sequel-driven AAA markets.

Dzag: The Decimation X3 GOD!
2011/Feb/16 — Matthew Doucette
Dzag is a Decimation X3 GOD!

Decimation X3 & Score Rush: Top 25 Indie Games
2011/Feb/15 — Matthew Doucette
Decimation X3 and Score Rush picked in Complex's top 25 XBLIG selections!

Decimation X3 - Reviews On The Run
2011/Feb/11 — Matthew Doucette
Reviews On The Run review Decimation X3!

Decimation X Featured in Famitsu, Top Gaming Mag in Japan
2011/Feb/10 — Matthew Doucette
Decimation X, the original, was featured in Famitsu, the top gaming magazine in Japan!

Xona Games: Featured in Chronicle Herald, Again!
2011/Feb/02 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games featured in Chronicle Herald again, showcased on front page of the business section.

Score Rush: 9.5/10 Review by GameFAQs
2011/Jan/31 — Matthew Doucette
MAGX on GameFAQs reviews Score Rush with a 9.5/10 rating!

Score Rush: 9.5/10 Review by The Thoughtful Gamers
2011/Jan/29 — Matthew Doucette
The Thoughtful Gamers loved Score Rush! And gave it a 9.5/10 review!

Xona Games: Are You Smarter Than A CEO? Interview
2011/Jan/27 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew Doucette of Xona Games interviewed for the Are You Smarter Than A CEO? competition.

Featured Indie Developers: Xona Games
2011/Jan/26 — Matthew Doucette features Xona Games!

Decimation X3 Top Pick of Joystiq's 2010 Buyer's Guide
2011/Jan/20 — Matthew Doucette
Decimation X3 a top pick in Joystiq's 2010 Buyer's Guide.

Decimation X3: 6th of Top 20 Best XBLIG Games of 2010
2011/Jan/11 — Matthew Doucette
XBLIGR picks Decimation X3 as sixth of twenty top Xbox LIVE Indie Games in 2010.

Xona Games Featured in Develop Magazine, Again!
2011/Jan/10 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games has been featured in Develop Magazine, again!

Score Rush: 87% Review by BrainLazy
2011/Jan/10 — Matthew Doucette
Brain Lazy gives Score Rush a 87% review score!

NeoGAF Awards: Xona Games Wins Both Gold & Bronze!
2011/Jan/06 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games wins gold and bronze in NeoGAF awards, with Score Rush and Decimation X3!

Revolver360 Top Xbox LIVE Indie Game in Japan
2011/Jan/05 — Matthew Doucette
A new shmup, Revolver360, is the top XBLIG in Japan.

Xona Games: CBC News Recap
2011/Jan/04 — Matthew Doucette
A recap of Xona Games' successes by CBC News.

Gamasutra: Score Rush 1 of 5 Best Indie Games
2011/Jan/03 — Matthew Doucette
Gamasutra choses Score Rush as one of five "Best of Indie Games".

Xona Games 2 of Top 3 Picks in #1 Japanese Gaming Magazine, Famitsu
2011/Jan/02 — Matthew Doucette
Japanese monthly magazine "Famitsu Xbox 360" picks two Xona Games' games in their top three indie games.

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