Articles - Year 2017

All our articles from 2017. Enjoy! Visit our blog for a full article listing from all years.


eScape: Early Development Videos
2017/Dec/10 — Matthew Doucette
Early develompent videos of an old artistic project of ours, eScape.

Prime Factorizations
2017/Nov/17 — Matthew Doucette
Prime factorization of a million numbers and more...

Not-So-Random Pi
2017/Nov/06 — Matthew Doucette
Estimating Pi via Uniformly Distributed Numbers

How eSports Scholarships Are Increasing As The Industry Matures
2017/Nov/04 —
Athletic scholarships have always helped people get through college. Now eSport scholarships are taken just as seriously and continue the tradition.

Random Pi
2017/Oct/22 — Matthew Doucette
Estimating Pi via Random Numbers

Xbox LIVE Indie Games Officially Shut Down
2017/Oct/14 — Matthew Doucette
2008-2017 RIP

Matthew Doucette: Xbox MVP Award!
2017/Oct/02 — Matthew Doucette
Microsoft has awarded Matthew Doucette the Xbox MVP Award for the second year in a row!

Fnatic: With a legacy comes pressure
2017/Sep/28 —

Exploring Non-Euclidean Geometry
2017/Apr/10 — Matthew Doucette
Math is fun!

PAX East 2017 Wrap Up
2017/Mar/30 — Matthew Doucette
PAX East 2017 wrap up.

GDC 2017 Wrap Up
2017/Mar/26 — Matthew Doucette
Our GDC San Francisco 2017 trip!

Last Payment by XBLIG?
2017/Feb/14 — Matthew Doucette
Thoughts on XBLIG and what it has meant to us.

Another Way to Create a GitHub Repository
2017/Feb/04 — Matthew Doucette
A workaround and alternative method to creating a repository on GitHub.

Do You Really Make Your Own Luck?
2017/Feb/02 —

Infinite Ammo: Global Game Jam 2017 Entry
2017/Jan/22 — Matthew Doucette
The first FPS from Xona Games, prototyped at Global Game Jam 2017!

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